Tribute to Anne-Marie Nzié

Audio-visual documentation of the residency Tribute to Anne-Marie Nzié in the framework of DOMAF’ 2022 “Tomorrow is yesterday” by Elsa M’Bala and Aline Bonvin.

From 10 to 13 November 2022, the city of Douala will focus on the musical heritage of Anne Marie Nzie, who was one of the few women and pioneers of Bikutsi. DOMAF has invited four women musicians – Danielle Eog, Gaelle Wandjé, Nicole Obélé, Adango Salicia – to a one-week residency, where each of them works on original pieces inspired by the work of Anne-Marie Nzié, a pioneer of Centre music, Bikutsi. The evening will included music, dance, fashion and visual arts to complement the musical production of the four artists accompanied by a band.

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