Salim’s Salon

Salim’s Salon (2017 – ongoing) is one year long project that toured around Europe with 4 musician with african background experimenting with electronics and the ideas of time and colonialism. A staged concert in which 4 musicians and a director deconstruct the Western gaze at «the other» recount their experiences and artistic ideas, speak about identities and clichés, introduce each other to their music, and perform together. Central to the project is the confrontation of free improvised music and and measured time of the clock and the score. The history of the chronometer, the “colonization of time,” as well as synchronicity of complex musical structures and repetition get opposed by a free, eventful time of open improvisation in a critical and tense relationship.

“Salims Salon” is a space that offers experimental musicians of different cultural origins to musically deal with the notion of the other, away from a colonial understanding of the word. Salim’s Salon is a meeting place for those whose artistic position is beyond cultural attribution, whose approach is individual, self-confident and present.

With: Cedrik Fermont, Jacqueline George, AMET (AKA Elsa M’bala), Seth Ayyaz. Artistic director: Hannes Seidl


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