(de)Coding African archives

Using sound data from the internet or childhood songs, surrounding social issues of African realities worldwide.

Têtes brulées is the most popular group from the 90s out of Cameroon, they became famous for their fashion style and psychedelic guitar skills with Bikutsi music, in reference to their grandmothers in the village. Like all Bikutsi piece, Essingan has a tertiary structure, when put in reverse unlike the binary structure music, this one maintains it original structure and it’s very much recognizable. This piece inspired a full research on Bikutsi, as an ancestral music form for and by women.

Têtes brulées: Essingan (Mp3, 16min53)

Tracks like “imposer le savoir” and “je wanda” connect the virtual world of the internet with the urgency of current issues by sampling whatsapp videos tackling notions of power, democracy and language on the African continent and beyond. Presented during “unresolved and very much ongoing” at galerie Yamamoto La rochaix in London (UK) those pieces showcase a new way of dealing with access to information in the 21 century.

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